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Titanis is a hostile planet inhabitable to carbon life-forms orbiting the star of Helios. Its surface is scarred by meteor impacts and the atmosphere is very thin. It is tidally locked to its parent star and temperatures are scorching, the planet is covered by deep canyons and tall mountains. The planet has no water in sight, but there are steep pits flowing from one landmass to the other, this is suspected to be a former ocean, and the cliffs are continents. Titanis is 4.2 billion years old.

View of Titanis from the Akana Space shuttle.


From discoverer Jalaleo Jonlimei’s journal.

“From my first expedition of Titanis one thing was clear, it was scorching hot, the dead rivers felt like mazes, and it was like Helios was calling for me.”

Titanis is covered in craters. and various extinct volcanoes and mountains, where water used to be are steep deserts of nothingness but rocks and hard ground. the mountains have the highest elevation and are among the tallest mountains in the system.

Titanis has various cave systems with formations of stalactites and stalagmites, there is a habitable layer within the underground of Titanis that is filled with various silicon-based lifeforms, it is found in the various caves deep underground.

Each day on Titanis lasts the same as a year on Titanis. Since it is tidally locked, one side is permanently hot, and the other is permanently cold, expedition attempts have been tried to establish a habitable civilization on the line between hot and cold, however they have not been successful.

Between the steep cliffs of continents lie a barren desert that runs throughout 70% of the planet, the desert is called the Malsahari desert, it has many rocks and firm ground, the pressure in the Malsahari desert, especially in the deeper parts, is enough to squash the largest Spacenaughts and ships.


Titanis has many famous landmarks, the tallest mountain in the system, Jacondis alpha, is so tall that it almost penetrates the atmosphere. You can occasionally witness red lightning at the summit, one of the rarest occurrences in the cosmos. Another landmark, the Burun skeleton, covers a portion of the Malsahari desert, from scientific fossils, it is said to be at least 1.5 million years old. possibly from an extinction event. Another landmark is inside the habitable caves of abandon, below the ground. the coniferous Hive, thousands of micro fauna adapted to live inside these caves, and are all producing inside these hives.

Another landmark is the crashed Virgo celeste, it is on the continent of Aevaras near the dried river of Pisces. It is a crashed mining ship that is melting due to the temperature, the ship is in pieces and the other part of the wreck is across the river, the bridge is infested with melted bodies and multiple bodies are melted to the walls of the ship. in 39 AM, a group of researchers began an expedition to the ship and found various magma creatures composed of rock, these creatures were not native to the planet and were not carbon, its possible that these magma creatures fused together in the storage section and escaped the ship. It is unknown how they fused together and worked as an organism.


Titanis is 4.2 billion years old from the fossil records gathered by scientists, according to a scientists hypothesis, Titanis was created during the protoplanetary disk-phase of the star like all other planets in the system.

Titanis was not always tidally locked, it was originally in the large habitable zone of the star system, with 3 other planets inside this habitable zone. Titanis lived a long and fruitful history with many plants, fauna, and lovely sights of nature, when viewed through a mega-telescope, Titanis originally looked like a habitable ocean-filled green planet, however, that is only because of the time that the speed of light takes to travel.

There are no signs of civilization but may-haps they never started a multi-star empire. however there is archaeological evidence of primitive tribes of a bipedal species, and that they seemed to have discovered fire. Their name is unknown but they are definitely extinct. archaeologists also found evidence of other empires visiting, and these empires are probably lone gone.

Extinction Event

Only up until 1.6 million years ago an extinction event took place in which a blazar was recharging 9 billion light years away from Titanis & it’s parent star, when the blazar launched astrophysical jets at Titanis, Electrons, Ions, and various other particles were launched at nigh light speed at Titanis for up to 2,000 years, charring the planet dry.  All of the fauna living on the surface became extinct. It burned the atmosphere, oceans, and hindered the magnetic field. The energy from Helios was not dispersed, allowing the planet to become tidally locked.

Virgo Celeste incident

On Octonus 12th, 10 AM, a mining ship named the Virgo Celeste was flying through the system containing Helios and Titanis, previously the trip was going well, the miners had collected about 50,000,000 KL’s of Rock, geo materials, artifacts, and more. The Virgo Celeste was orbiting Titanis as the incident occurred as gathered from records, from recovered records, it appeared that Titanis lost contact with the mining company. From the melted bodies and recovered records the AP pieced together the ship crashed while everyone attacked each other in a violent free-for-all. It is unknown why the ship crashed, however it is suspected that it was during a violent gravitational storm on the planet which pulled the ship in. However the logs say that it was the call of the star, Helios. The AP brushed it off as the miners going insane because of the isolation, the psychologists say the same. The Virgo Celeste incident is still very much infamous and spread rumors throughout the Vitkong-86 galaxy.


Since the planet is inhospitable, there are no creatures on the outside, except for the aforementioned magma creatures, however in the habitable caves there are various micro fauna that is fit to navigate the underground, the hive is one example of this. During an expedition in 19 AM explorers found a creature larger than the rest, hairs covered its body and had black beads for eyes, it moved via levitation and had grey skin. It quickly disappeared, that was the description of the creature given by the explorers, however this must be taken with a grain of salt as another expedition proved that there was no creature found within the cave walls.

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