Neutronium Evulsement Machine

April 7, 2024

A Neutronium Evulsement Machine is a stellar megastructure utilized by the Authority of the Throne to extract the extremely dense material located at the cores of Neutron stars, dubbed Neutronium. It is an extremely large structure, almost a quarter of the size of the celestial body it is harvesting from. It is, partially, also a station for habitation, for the structures almost always have operators living upon it; usually technicians, engineers, and scientists to maintain the functions of the structure and to collect information on the chaotic and extreme conditions of Neutron stars (which have yet to be truly delineated).

The primary method in which a Neutronium Evulsement Machine collects Neutronium is the Triumvirate Drillsystem; a set of three tractor beams which pull from the core of the Neutron star by intelligently delineating which material should be harvested based upon its weight or density. The abducted material is then sent into multitudinous quantities of storage silos, fabrication centers, or research stations onsite. The majority of the material is sent to the uppermost regions of the Evulsement Machine, where it is processed and packaged and sent to drydocks to be ferried to foundries utilizing the material. The rest of the material is sent to fabrication (also known as foundry-districts) centers to create Neutronium-alloy onsite, which is used for repairing the Evulsement Machine and its myriad components.

All currently known Evulsement Machines are located deep in Thronespace, and no known Imperial Satrapy has constructed anything analogous, and this reason, alongside the Throne’s reluctance to share secrets, makes the inner trueworkings of the megastructure a mystery. Attempts by other polities to replicate the success of the Neutronium Avulsement Machine have resulted in miserable failure, and so the production of Neutronium is completely monopolized by the Authority of the Throne.

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