April 7, 2024

Neutronium is the extremely dense, useable material found in the cores of Neutron stars, which can only be extracted through huge energy expenditure through machines or megastructures. The logistics and immense energy requirement of extracting Neutronium make it an extremely difficult task to successfully acquire without a cyclopean amount of resources. The Authority of the Throne, having a nigh unlimited amount of resources, is currently the only spacepolity known to harvest the material, through the use of a large celestial megastructure referred to as the Neutronium Evulsement Machine. Which are located exclusively in Thronespace. For this reason, the Authority of the Throne currently holds a monopoly on the resource, donating it to allies of theirs for a hefty price (usually of around 1-2b sapient lifeforms for their embryonic processes). It is the raw and primary component of Neutronium-Alloy, more wellknown as Orichalcum, which is a 70/30% mixture of titanium-tungsten alloy and Neutronium. It has practicalities in almost every field, from the creation of voidcraft, armoring, megastructural engineering, and generally architectural needs. As such, it is one of the most coveted resources in knownspace, for it is extremely strong and tough. It is generally easy to manipulate, but it is exceptionally heavy and requires heavy machinery to locomote. For this reason, most components formed of Orichalcum or Neutronium are fabricated in zero-g environments before being dredged to their destinations.

The Authority of the Throne, as the only spacepolity known to internally produce the stuff, is the most prolific user of Neutronium and its products. The Throne itself, the governing polity of the empire, is the only portion of the polity that uses the neutronium, and it does not share even amongst its own subjects. Throneships that have been destroyed in battle may be salvaged for their orichalcum, and defecting fleetships may surrender their material, but otherwise, no neutronium is ever to exported from the Throne legally. Attempts to recreate the extraction megastructure utilized by the Throne to collect neutronium have failed miserably, and the rarity of the material outside Thronespace makes it extremely valuable. Some polities have battled over small fleets of the material in smallscale wars. Attempts to artificially create the material through synthetic means or alchemy have shown promising results, but also failed generally speaking. Certain allied parties of the Throne may be gifted small quantities of low-quality orichalcum in exchange for a large blood tithe.

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