The Citadel is an enormous mega-station located at the mysterious center of the Quan galaxy. No regular citizens are allowed at its doors as only higher personnel of its owner (The Kaunrad) are allowed inside, it utilizes the black hole it occupies as a means for energy and has harnessed it at the center of the station. The Citadel also acts as a city and social gathering spot and many meetings have been held by celebrated individuals in the Kaunrad and other empires. The Citadel was built in 9167 BBE and was headed by project leads Dunto Munfrugh and Kalugh Singh.


The Citadel’s design is a spheroid with a mechanical ring system all orbiting in different speeds and directions. The surface has an artificial atmosphere and is covered by a “city”. There are many different train systems and mechanisms on the surface as-well as launch pads and places where thrusters are. The Citadel also uses several huge thrusters to keep it afloat along with several on the inside for stability. The surface also provides landing support for many starships and an artificial gravitational field to draw anything in.

The second layer is the inside. Which contains military barracks, prisoner rooms, train-stations, silos, etc. The third layer contains many religious artifact rooms with readings, prayer, etc, along with important command rooms, meeting rooms, social gatherings and much more.

The fourth layer is the most important as it contains the core, which is harnessing the supermassive black hole Quanginious A*, it is maintained from afar in control rooms as well as temperature management chambers. The Citadel also contains multiple portals to other galaxies and destinations the deeper layers you go.


The Citadel also has a second function as an interstellar radio tower, providing civilizations with communication and network. It also acts as the Quan galaxy’s first line of defense. Since the Quan galaxy is smaller than most, it is often viewed as an easy target. The Citadel’s defense ray’s inner mechanism can be found in the lower layers of the station. It can destroy planets or incoming ships from lightyears away.


The Citadel’s construction began in 9167 BBE by Kaunrad construction workers, and planned by architects Dunto Munfrug and Kalugh Singh. The Citadel’s main materials comprised of the strong material Calymunite. Construction completed in 9188 BBE with over 25,000,000,000 Quan Legimols (QL)’s being spent. The Citadel’s history spans over several hundred years being a main place for social gatherings by Kaunrad elites as well as other empires. As well as a main museum for various artifacts, and contains mainly important cultural readings, practices, rituals, and processes.

The Citadel was also frequently involved in many riots or elections throughout the Quan galaxy. For centuries, the Citadel was kept as a secret and not known as many people did not dare to venture far out into the center. It was until galactic emperor Kalun Monjit referenced the Citadel during his electoral campaign of 9528 BBE that the public had known of the Citadel, breaking his contract. It was only until the end of his run when he disappeared.

Many conspiracy theories were and still are made of the Citadel and its disappearing recipients, which have been brushed off by general masses to be just theories. Many journalists who took the theories seriously have not been seen again in the journalism scene.

News of the Citadels existence broke out to QNN and other galactic sources around the galaxy. It became a figure in many media, as the outbreak of “Quanian insanity” only made things worse for quite some time.

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