Thaynixon (named after the Renist symbol of hope) is a terrestrial volcanic planet orbiting the star of Magmos, it houses a primary resource nexus for the Renist and is the most volcanically active planet in its system. It is the 2nd planet orbiting its host star with 3 other planets in the system. It has a diameter of 12,095 km and is the biggest planet in the system. It’s surface is largely dominated by volcanos and is viewed as a major hazard for transport class ships, the volcanos and their spread have been controlled by the Renist dams.


Thaynixon’s geography is largely barren land, mountains and magma oceans, the land is scarred by large strips of river flowing to the oceans. The rivers are also primary locations for the Renist nexus and dams housed on the planet, with the central Nayon river being the de-facto capital of the planet.

Thaynixon’s tallest mountains reside within the archipelago of Francesta Kortis (The companion to the Renist symbol of hope). Francesta Kortis contains the mountains Kelsa 8, Montascaro, and Everlast. Everlast is the tallest mountain on Thaynixon and has a very large pool of resources and has a height of 7,849 m, it is the highest point on the planet. The paths leading to Everlast include the Mystan river and the Onjof dam. The route miners take is often among the halls of the Onjof dam to cross the rivers and collect resources from the mountain.

Thaynixon has 5 oceans and 4 continents, Aevim, Eroja, Lom Venesa, and Integrintosh. For the oceans, they are the Aevimic ocean, Erojian ocean, Lom Venesa ocean, and Integroshian ocean. The oceans are unexplorable as they are magma, Therefore Thaynixon had no life on it and is a colonized planet.

A year on Thaynixon is 225 days while days are 22 hours long. Nights are very dark and often in the Nexus bright lights are installed.


The various Renist Nexus situated across the planet transport resources to the Renist empire faster than any other planet, and is a jackpot for halaris, tarytanium and obsidian, materials that the Renist empire primarily use. The Renist Nexus can also be a temporary living space for workers and holds many religious artifacts and other archaeological items. The Renist Dams are also used for weather control around the area and river control. Renist Dams are able to open up in case of emergency or building and there are also landing pads for incoming ships. The de-facto capital (CNR, Central Nayon River), is the most developed Nexus on the planet. And most traders stop there for business. To navigate to different Nexus, the workers use a train system.


Kaifendaas is a fairly large habitable moon orbiting Thaynixon, its ecosystem is large and has many different animals roaming across the continents. It is theorized that Kaifendaas was another planet during the formation of the Magmos system and was captured by the orbit of Thaynixon.

Kaifendaas is not actually controlled by the Renist, rather it was surrendered to the Keksi empire during the war of Thaynixon.

Thaynixon as viewed from the Cerano Cruiser.


Thaynixon is 1.3 billion years old and was formed during the formation of the Magmos system. Archaeological evidence points to Thaynixon formerly having a stronger magnetic field until a collision with another rogue planet, although this weakened its magnetic field it granted it a moon which is habitable. Before the collision, Thaynixon had evidence of microscopic life in the former oceans.

Thaynixon was first colonized by the Renist in 9745 BBE, during their initial expansion, it proved a hotspot for resources. However due to debt from the Keksi empire it ended up in a war between the two, as they fought for Thaynixon. The Renist is considered to have lost however they got to keep Thaynixon while Keksi kept the moon of Kaifendaas.

War of the Monolith

Thaynixon was a high priority target during the War of the Monolith and many Nojizta attempted to attack it to weaken their supply line, however the Renist’s defense shields proved quite a match for the Nojizta and quickly retreated. During the war, many Renist retreated to Thaynixon as it provided defense. However during the attack of Sormae, The Nojizta had retrieved the weapon of Aeritas (shield-busting ray-cannon) and penetrated the shields of the planet, destroying the AA guns, allowing them to land safely. By the end of the attack, the Nojizta had captured 4 Nexus and rerouted the supply line to the Nojizta to retrieve the Monolith. By the end of the war, the Renist had managed to defeat the Nojizta and regain control of Thaynixon, however the Monolith was lost forever.

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