“Synthetic”, or Synth, is a classification of organism, defined as anything mechanical or artificial in origin. At times this classifier has been used for biologically engineered lifeforms, but generally the common consensus is that it applies exclusively to mechanical lifeforms such as automatons or robots. To be defined as a Synth, an organism but sentient or sapient; it does not qualify if it is a nonsentient workunit or mindless nanite flock. It is often used pejoratively, as it implies that the creature called synthetic lacks a soul, or a true consciousness; generally, this is a great offense to mechanical lifeforms.


Something made synthetically is created through artificial means, and in this context refers to being created unnaturally by something or someone else. The term “Synthetic” was and still is used on identification cards to classify automatons and robot citizens, and the term has been widely used in scholarly literature. The term bled into the common tongue recently, often used informally or pejoratively. Originally, the term also involved cyborgs, but in most uses it has generally been streamlined into a phrase representing mechanical beings.

Practical Use

The term Synthetic has been used for the following:

  • Sapient mechanical lifeforms (as in, capable of thinking independently without external programming or directive to control them explicitly).
  • Cyborgs (Especially those with external mechanical components).
  • Bioengineered Life (Archaic).
  • Pejorative meant to offend all lifeforms not born, or lifeforms who were born but are not natural.

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