Penned by Sir Hibloni

Every being is governed by movement, that is our confine. We must conform to such things: East, West, Up, Down, etc,. But we do not have to kneel before them; such being the attitude in which the Liber Directionis was written. Those who believe the Universe to bound by the simple and primitive Laws of Physics are wrong; there is something more at play, and so, such things must be documented and penned. For no one else will bother with such Esoteric, but truthful, things. The Liber Directionis will contain information on the Six Lords of Movement, how to conjure them, and what blessings they may offer unto thee.

Lords of Motion

In total, there are Six Lords of Movement; all of whom govern a cardinal direction of the Universe. They are intrinsically bound to our Worlds and ruleth over the Universe in full, and their territories are such that all those who Live are effected by their machinations. It is wise to gain favor with but one Lord, and refrain from contacting any other. Pledging allegiance to a Lord is the only way to gain their Blessings and Rewards; and so to do such a thing is a Final decision that must be thought for a while.

Lord Yahwek (Yahwen, Whenyar), King of the West; under him is 1,000,000,000 legions of sworn creatures — Who resemble great masses of spinning wheels. He is of Sworn Rivalry to Lord Jhakir of the East. He is like a serpent, with many legs of starfishes and the two heads; one that is like a lamprey with fiery breath, and one that is like a Man whose jaw has been ripped from the face violently and without precision. It is still bleeding. He holdeth in his hands a bowl, on which is the House of his servants, and a censer containing nebulae. He is followed by two Dukes; Balaphamiel and Silask. They are his Advisors, and to summon Lord Yahwek is to summon Them. They stand upon his back on two ivory plates, singing the hymn: “O Yahwek, O Yahwek, Bringeth thy light” in whatever language thou speaketh with most fluency.

He promises to the Summoner Great Fortune and Luck, and to subtly influence the downfall of thy enemies. He shall also giveth unto thee many valuable artifacts, worth a pretty penny. He may teacheth to thee many languages; and do so swiftly, and he may also taketh away the fluency of thy enemies. So it is He that governeth all of Art and Language and Luck; that is his Office most indubitably.

Lord Jhakir (Jakkr, Jakir), King of the East; under him is 1,000,970,000,000 legions of sworn Beasts. He approacheth from the East, and governeth all who reside there. He is like a Great Crowned Centipede, but with many arms of Men, and two Great Arms holding his giant Sceptre, which containeth a red Star; and also he is holding a Lyre scrimshawed of God’s Bone. He is followed by Four Kings: King Jola, King Jocheba, King Juulak, and King Jyron. They rideth upon chariots pulled by great Spiders; and trail behind Lord Jhakir chanting: AVE JAKARAE, BARUCHA HA JHAKIR. To call Lord Jhakir by his name without his regal Title is considered of Great Disrespect, and Lord Jhakir will not be honest with thee after that.

Lord Jhakir can bestow lordships over Great Armies of Beasts; Deliver unto thee Great Knowledge of the Cosmos; Maketh thou immortal and immune to Harm; and giveth warriors great strength. His Kings each also bestow their own gifts: Jola, who grants Night Vision and Great Agility; Jocheba, who grants Wisdom and Cunning; Juulak, who giveth physical strength and good prowess; and Jyron, who delivereth to the Summoner Great Riches and rare metals.

Lord Sy (Sermis, Salmancros), King of the North; under him is 100,000,000 legions of sworn creatures — he is of a weaker lot than his Kin and is runt of the litter. He is like a Bear, but inside of that Bear is a worm who is the actual Lord Sy — hiding within the carcass. He is coverd in frost and glaciers, and guides all those who were born in Cold Regions. He is followed by one Prince, Sritr. He can delivereth unto Women the ability to become a Man; and can turn things from Dead to Alive. He is a Lord of Balance, and is nemesis is the Lord of the South. Those who follow may also be subject to some immunity to hypothermia.

Lord Heym (Heim, Hiym), King of the South; and unto him are bound 250,000,050 legions of sworn creatures — he is a competitor only to Lord Sy, and too weak to face against any other Lord. It is he who bestoweth upon thee Great Knowledge of the Earth, and of the Flesh of Many Creatures. He resembleth a roaring flame from which many succulents sprout; those would be his necks, as upon them are great beautiful flowers that serve as heads. He is Lord of the South, and the Sands; and his militiamen are formed of sandstone and clay. He may giveth great knowledge of the Biological and Chemical Sciences, beyond Our Ken, and he may also delivereth protection from Heat and Dehydration.

Lord Torus (Orius, Toran, Torahn), King of the Down; who opposes none but his opposite. His House is the below, the Underneath, the Underground, etc,; anything of that nature really. He is like an insect with many limbs that sprawl upwards, reaching for the sky; and he is covered in many frills and flowing banners and capes. His face is obscured by a porcelain mask, on which is inscribed a Compass. He has 1,800,690,000,000 legions of distorted frames underneath Him, which war constantly with the King of the Up.

He promises only one thing: conscription unto his legions. Once one becomes a legionman of Lord Torus, thou is given great strength and wits, but thy face may melt into jelly and fall off. In addition, thy lungs may collapse and you may no longer be capable of true sensation. But he promiseth in return eldritch Truths without sorrow, and so many still succumb. However, if Lord Torus is to go to war, all servants of His must join him in the Battles to come.

Lord Azzrhymia (Azzrhymoh, Aziryhmid), King of the Up, and the Heavens; who cares not for anything but the destruction of his opposite. His house is that of the Above, and whatever that may entail. He is like a Man with six wings, and one of those pairs covers his horribly grotesque face, and yet another pair covereth his tentacles. His legionmen and legioncreatures are extremely fragile, but endless in number, like the Rain or the Lightning. He offereth to protect thy flying vehicles, and may bestow to his greatest followers Flight or other such blessings. He is always at War with Lord Torus, and his followers mustn’t interact.


One must never seek to Bind a Lord of Movement to their whims, or they will speak only in Lies and nothing but Ill will befall thee; and one must never commune with more than one Lord of Movement without extensive knowledge into their relations. To contact a Lord of Movement, and then contact their Nemesis afterwards, is a deathsentence. So, simply choose a Lord and stick with them; lest you end up as kindling. Also, always refer to a Lord of Movement with their Regal Status, unless they clarify otherwise, it is of Great Disrespect to not do so.

To invoke a Lord of Movement, one must create a circle on the ground, one large enough for thou to stand inside. Indicate the Cardinal Direction of the Lord you wish to summon, and face that direction. Offer unto them something of significance, and utter the phrase “אדון מעופף, השב לי” so that they may consider granting thou audience. If you wish to summon Lord Torus or Lord Azzrhymia, indicate not a cardinal direction, instead placeth a white dot (to indicate Torus) or a black dot (to indicate Azzrhymia) in the center of your summoning circle.

If they respond, you will Know.

By Jakeopod

Lord of all things.

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