Hunter-Seekers (scientific name Mechanicus Squamous) are ophidian cybernetic creatures originating from the supposed caverns of creation on the planet of Stylus. They are naturally solitary organisms used as soldier-fodder for empires around the area. They sport an attached helmet with 3 visual sensors and mechanical breathing gills around the body. They are efficient crowd control and are mobile organisms.


They sport tarytanium-based body-armor implanted into their skin, with no leg limbs, instead slithering around with their ophidian tail. They also sport the M45 mini-projectile weapon permanently attached to their left arm, along with the blade of Pomtusk on their right arm. They are slender with their mouth-flexes exposed, along their spine is a metal device which bounds any prisoner to it in a second.

Seeklings bare resemblance to weak slitherers, at this age they can move but do not possess developed limbs, they are the most exposed stage of a Hunter-Seeker. A developed Hunter-Seeker will have defined scales and have deflective armor The elders are naturally more frail however.


Hunter-Seekers do not reproduce with a mate, instead they are asexual organisms which lay eggs in either a typically dark cavern or a specially designed “Seeker laying area” carried by empires, because of this, the Hunter-Seekers do not have 2 genders. A Hunter-Seeker will lay a mucus-silk trap around their nest in order to protect it. The Hunter-Seekers do not breastfeed, instead the eggs are filled with all the nutrients for the Seeklings to feed off of for the next month.

Hunter-Seekers have one reproductive organ to lay eggs called the Koaka, it is also present in a similar species named the Tinosum.

The Hunter-Seekers consume food like most other organisms, through corpses, meat, soil, and anything available that can fuel them. They excrete a liquid substance which is both their urine and fecal matter, as the excrete through one hole.

The Hunter-Seekers have a medium-sized brain with excellent memory and comprehension skills as part of their hunting/nesting strategy.

The average Hunter-Seeker life cycle is about 5 years, and puberty begins at 5 weeks of age. The Hunter-Seekers are prone to an infection called “Melitis” which is caused by the rusting of tarytanium and metal in their system which leads to the infection and ultimately death. This will shorten their lifespan unless they die in battle.


The earliest fossil records of Hunter-Seekers come from the Caverns of creation on the planet of Stylus, in the Monolica region. The Caverns of creation is known for many strange occurrences and incomprehensible encounters. An legend claims that the Hunter-Seekers were created from the binding of metal, flesh, and soul to create the Hunter-Seekers, this is how the caverns also got its name.

Hunter-Seekers were used as fodder by empires for over several millennia and proved excellent troop in the field. One famous use of Hunter-Seekers was in the Underlabs invasion of 24 BME, which although territory for the humans on terra was pushed back. They were still standing.


In the wild, Hunter-Seekers are solitary predators that adapt to most conditions. As a soldier, they usually cut the weakest off from the group as the rest of the Seekers weed them out one by one. Some Hunter-Seekers prefer to gun from a distance or lunge in with the blade of Pomtusk. In larger scale wars, Hunter-Seekers will make their presence unknown as the enemy forces pass by, at that moment, the Hunter-Seekers strike.

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